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And no I am not referring to The Darkness’ “I believe in a thing called love”

Well maybe…

But anyway now that I have your attention, I would like to share with you how the ‘defacement of public property’ inspired me.

One day in March, I was feeling melancholic; I was homesick, still in a relatively new environment, surrounded by unfamiliarity, studying for the GRE, frustrated with the basic math that I just did not understand, uncertain of where my life was headed, missing my friends and family dearly, etc…

To add insult to injury, it was raining and I was walking to the metro: a daunting task that becomes increasingly depressing with repetition.

All of a sudden, I saw something that made me stop and smile. That day I posted this:


That single daffodils not only inspired me to smile, but it also reached my friend across the globe in Lebanon and “got [him] through the week”.
That is how far one single tiny little sentiment can go.
Now that’s not the kick. Get this.
Yesterday, I was on the metro, again… Someone had left a copy of that day’s ‘The Express’ on the seat I just happened to be sitting on. I was bored and did not feel like fishing in my purse for my headphones so I picked it up. Lo and behold the first article that catches my eye:

Doomed blooms

The article was about a man named Henry Docter who had been secretly planting flowers in public places around four continents since 1979! Mr. Docter had gotten in trouble with metro police for planting over 1,000 seeds in barren boxes along Dupont Circle metro.
It was him!! Never mind how mad it makes me that he is in trouble for planting flowers; how amazing is this man? He calls it “performance art”. He believes that “flowers are nature’s way of affirming how beautiful life can be” and that is exactly what his flower did for me that rainy day in March.

I was tickled, to say the least…
My point is, this man is seen as “crazy” or “odd” and metro police are worried he will hurt himself or riders by tending to the flowers on that steep incline; but his weird fetish of secret gardening, really does remind people that life can be beautiful.

So you know what, yes.. I do believe in a thing called Love, maybe not in the sense that The Darkness means it, but you get what I mean. I leave you with today’s theme song; and I dare you not to get “touching you, touching meeeeeeeeee” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Muhahahahahahaha