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Very interesting account of Lebanese Politics and all the different components that play a part in creating “popular disenchantment, emigration and  brain drain” in Lebanon. A very good read. Click title below to read, and keep dictionary.com on standby, lots of nice new juicy words to learn.

Lebanon’s Biggest Stumbling Block: Electoral Reform

By Matthew Godwin- He is qualified in that he is married to a Lebanese (and maybe his MA in International Studies)

*From the article*

My Favorite snippet of the article:

“Lebanon’s iniquitous and ineffective political system perpetuates sectarianism and weak accountability. The former gives way to instability and the latter to corruption, cronyism, and a lack of transparency. Both contribute to popular disenchantment, emigration, and brain drain and all serve to undermine the business environment and to retard economic development. Engrained sectarian divisions have allowed weak accountability to go unaddressed, further entrenching such divisions and creating a vicious cycle of dogmatism and poor governance.”


This article was published on The CIPE blog. Here is some more info on the CIPE, in case you are interested.

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