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So I watched “Step up: The Revolution” and I felt that a mere Facebook post would not do my strong emotions justice.
Before telling you all the awesome things about it, I need to get this off my chest!

The directing was horrible, the acting was down-right embarrassing…. but the dancing….. the dancing…. the flash mobs….. at the risk of sounding ‘douchy’: O…M…F…G!

So now, the highlights:

1. Christopher Scott and Travis Wall Choreography (Yes, So You Think You Can Dance choreographers)

2. Judge and choreographer Mia Michaels as Olivia (Yes, another SYTYCD reference)

3. The return of ‘Moose’ (From Step Up 2 and 3)

4. Katherin McCormick as Emily (indeed… SYTYCD)

5. TWITCH as the special effects dude. (needless to say he’s a SYTYCD veteran)

FIVE ‘INSANE-IN-THE-MEMBRANE’ Flash mobs combining all of the following elements:
All kinds of dance, parkour, visual (fine) art, music, special effects, originality, creativity.
6- The Opening Scene on the street
7-The second mob at the art gallery
8-The third one at the restaurant
9-The fourth one at the business center- introducing Protest Art rather than Performing Art
10-Last but not least, the final and insane mob scene during which Moose shows up. They bring in extra special elements like bungee ropes and trampolines, not to mention Christopher Scott gives us a tasty sneak peek. The movie ends with a delicious Travis Wall contemporary routine between Katherine McCormik and yummy Ryan Guzman.

For today, I leave you with this treat of deliciousness and a small piece of advice.

WATCH STEP UP: THE REVOLUTION! Not for the acting, nor the storyline, but purely for the flash mobs! It’s like one GIANT episode of So You Think You Can Dance!