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As you, my loyal fans, know, I usually like to share the works of writers that I enjoy. Here is a piece that blew me away. Prepare for goosebumps.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you

“The Beast” – 9:45pm – 1/2/04

by Rania Atallah

You hide inside the walls

But you hear him heavily breathing

Will the beast come after you,

or on his usual victim be feeding?

When the seeds of redemption bloom

But you still wish his death

Remember then, you prayed for his doom

and wonder how you can still take a breath.

You feel with every step he takes

a bloody print lays on the floor

Every time he walks away from her body

he thinks of her murder, no more.

When you hear his voice bellowing

And that wish you just want it granted

Because the soul he killed is echoeing

feeding the seed she planted.

When you’ve had enough of his screaming

you burst through these walls

you follow the rivers of blood streaming

and choke when innocence falls.

There she lies all alone

with the bitterness he made her taste

she looks away as she remembers:

“21 years gone to waste.”

The beast in his sleep was smothered

and the seed larger than life became

The only sound that will below, now

Is the laughter of her eternal flame.