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I’ve been so overwhelmed with work that it proved to be a little hard to gather interesting events about Cairo. Sixteen days later, my first day off, I have some things to share.

1. I only learned the value of a shower after I came home a couple shades darker the other day.

2. I learned never to complain about the internet in Lebanon.

3. I learned the value of a cigarette when a taxi driver gave one to the traffic cop and he let us pass despite a red light.

4. I learned that all Egyptians, blue-collar at least, “mish 3ayzeen yishtighlo 3ayzeen foloos” or in other words, they don’t want to work, they want money. A small tip can go a loooooooong way.

5. The “J” is not only pronounced “G” but it is also written that way in English as well. AND MSN Arabic, a.k.a. Arabic written in English letters, is not as wide spread as you would imagine. I can finally watch Adel Imam and understand what he is saying!

6. If they don’t want you to park in a certain area, they will just pop your two front tires.

7. All Egyptians can easily become stand up-comedians. By far, funniest people I have met.

8. “3amle eh?” does NOT mean what are you doing … It means how are you. For a while I thought Egyptians were a really nosy people.

9. All Egyptians loooove Lebanese and Lebanon… or so they say.

That’s all folks… I still have not seen the pyramids, but worry you not, I will make it happen.