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Whenever anyone found out that I was heading to Egypt they all had something to warn me about. Whether it was the razor-blade thefts, gut wrenching salads, proposing perverts or the violent protests, everyone had something to say.

Hence I have decided to make up my own mind about Egypt by retelling my experience.

On the first day in Cairo I:

  • Rode for thirty minutes in fear for my suitcase that the driver so efficiently placed on the roof of the minivan with no restraints
  • Ate a suspicious looking black olive that tasted surprisingly good
  • Waited for two hours in the lobby because our rooms were not ready
  • Got a full body allergy reaction to something in the air
  • And laid down on a pillow that smelled like a sweaty man…

I then became terribly nauseous and on the verge of poisoned (could have been the olive or the pillow, not sure at this point) I opened the curtains to my room and suddenly my nausea disappeared.

The Nile in all its glory was laid out right under my window. A variety of trees and boats laced the edges and Cairo spilled out from behind it.

I thought that was worth it all, but then, night time and fell and it got better!


Stay tuned for more from E’sgypt! Hoping to hit the pyramids soon.