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Well I do sometimes…feel a little lame.

I know I am always “trying” to read; not very successfully.

I always prowl around book stores for hours, meticulously surveying the options, before I make what I hope are very promising selections. I pay for them excitedly and rush home.

It’s not long before the excitement dies and they get shoved away into a dark dusty corner of my room from where they watch me storm in and out with great urgency.

If I’m really good and I push myself real hard and the book is really interesting, it will only take me like 6 months to get through it. Half a page a day…


Yes my friends, there is a solution!

Until… a dear friend of mine told me about …*audiobooks*!

Now WAIT! I know that your finger is probably twitching to lead the mouse over to that small x in the corner of this window, but don’t click it!

If you are anything like some of my friends you’re probably thinking “I don’t listen to the teacher in class or read any of the books I’m graded on, why would I be able to enjoy listening to lame audiobooks..?”

You, my friend, are lame if that’s your opinion too because audiobooks are awesome! No kidding.

5 reasons:

  1. If you’re like me and those British voices on the Lebanese radio really annoy you and if your entire music collection makes you nauseous because of all the times you’ve sang each song, word for word, you’d like audiobooks. The narrators are usually HILARIOUS and you will almost never hear the same word twice.
  2. It’s like watching a movie in your head and you are the director, the producer, almost anything but the screenplay writer. You can do almost anything that requires your attention while “reading a book” and its fun!
  3. I don’t know how but it actually pauses wherever you leave it, even if you play something else and go back to it, it’s always right where you left it.
  4. Humorist David Sedaris
  5. His book “Me talk pretty one day”
That’s the first audiobook I downloaded and gosh I loved it. I would literally laugh out loud to myself while driving in the car alone, looking like an idiot, because he is just so gosh darn funny.
My advice to you who can’t read, don’t read, or don’t want to read is  AUDIOBOOKS! I do also very highly recommend “Me talk pretty one day”  written and read by David Sedaris as your first listen.
His hilarious sarcastic reading style will have you guffaw-ing away the time while intellectually benefiting from the experience.
 I wonder though, in terms of gaining from the experience, is listening as intellectually stimulating and educationally beneficial as reading?