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1. The word Google officially means to search for something. (Click here for Definition), and it originated from the word Googol which is a number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros.
Click photo for definition of Googol

2. The Logo changes for tributes, occasions and holidays! They call them Google Doodles.

For example this one is a tribute to Freddie Mercury:

Click to see them all

Here is an video of the best logos:

3. Google allows the use of Boolean expressions to make searching easier. These are three of my favorites:

a. If you type in google: site:’name of site here’ word you want to search, it will search for that word within the specified site.
b. If you type: define:word you want to define, it pulls up a definition and puts it at the top of the search results list.
c. If you type any mathematical equation and hit enter, it gives you the answer.
4. Google Applications that just make life so easy:
a. Google Calender makes scheduling events, setting reminders and inviting friends super easy.
b. Google Maps enough said 😛
c. Google Scholar makes finding scholarly articles for school assignments a breeze.
d. Google Docs makes sharing and saving documents efficient, not to mention providing a shared space for multiple authors or editors.
e. Google Reader is an awesome RSS Feed that lets you keep track of all your favorite websites in a beautifully organized manner.
5. Google Labs that give a new meaning to shared spaces:
a. Planning
b. Productivity
c. Polls
d. Games
e. Videos
f. Maps
d. The list goes on…
a. 25 MB of space
b. Awesome features like folders and labels to organize your mail
c. Flexible addresses, for example, if you send to eleena.korban@gmail.com or eleenakorban@gmail.com it doesn’t matter!
d. Helpful search options
e. Etc…
7.  The Google phone and Android software
8. Google Translate: Who says you can speak only one language?
9. Google Chrome
10. Fun tricks to play with Google:
a. Google gravity:
b. I’m feeling lucky tricks ( some are really cool!)
c. Google Magic:
This is how you do it:
d. Change the logo:
The only two things that am not proud of and I do NOT reccomend:
  1. Google+
  2. Google Buzz

Don’t what they were thinking with those…