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1. Guest Judges like Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Chenowith and Ellen Degeneres that actually follow the show and give really smart and intuitive advice:

NPH speaking so eloquently:

Ellen dancing Hiphop with Twitch:

2. Nigel Lythgoe: Producer of American Idol and Pop Idol,  creator, executive producer and judge for SYTYCD. I hate American Idol judges because I feel like they are talking just to be heard. When Nigel speaks you can tell that he loves dance, and that he really is all about the participants and supporting them and helping them, he is also so witty and NO ONE can make me laugh like Nigel. The judges on this show may have some commercial traits like Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train and stretched out forehead, but in general I really like their dynamics.

This clip is Melanie and Marko dancing a Nappy Tabs routine, lyrical hiphop style. Aside from the fact that they rocked the awesome routine, I just loved the judges reactions and how they all went on a kissing spree:

Also, Nigel used to be a dancer in Young Generation and later became their coreogrpaher and if you are as curious to see this old man dancing as I was, here you go, he is the one in the cape:

If you want to know more about Nigel:

3. Nappy Tabs: Since I’ve mentioned them already, Nappy Tabs are choreographers, they are a couple, their names are actually Napoleon and Tabitha and every single one of their routines just blew me away!

Here are two of my favorite Nappy Tabs routines, aside from the one I already mentioned in number 2, of course:

Sasha and Alexander dancing to “Coming Home”:

Jordan and Tadd (MY ULTIMATE CRUSH) dancing to “Memories”:

4. Christopher Scott: INSANE CHOREOGRAPHER! I’m just going to let his routines tell you why he makes this show so awesome:

This is Sasha and Twitch:

Ashley and Chris dancing to “Forget you”:

Jess and Clarice dancing to “Just the way you are”:

The Top Ten guys:

I believe I’ve made my point about Chris Scott 😛

5. Pasha! He is as sexy as his name… his everything leaves me breathless, I don’t think any other male alive can dance like him. I just can’t put into words how I blush, giggle and squeal at the mention of him: Take a look for yourselves, and girls you might want to get a fan ready:

They paired him up with Melanie for a Viennese Waltz, insane performance:

How he can do this in heals is beyond me:

Dancing a breathtaking Argentinian Tango with Caitlin:

6. Tadd (He is a real ham but regardless my crush of the season):

This is him in an adorable hiphop routine with all-star Comfort:

This is his adorably HAM-y solo during top ten performances, he is the definition of entertaining:

7. Bollywood! This show really is about dance because the winner has to be able to do any style of dance, and they really do their best to include such a diversity.  I was never a fan of Bollywood but after this, I just might tune in to Indian shows every now and then.

This is Clarice and All star Robert rocking Bollywood, if this doesn’t make you smile, then you got problems:

8. Cat Deeley, the hostess.

First of all, she makes anybody who stands next to her look like a midget. She is 1.75 m, beautiful, witty, funny, and she thinks fast on her feet and saved the show from many awkward moments. She just recently received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Reality Show Host. Click here to read about why she was nominated and why she should win, especially since she once actually swore at the audience:

To know more about what she does on the show, take a look at this video on her website.

9. The music, costumes and ideas. Some performances are entrancing and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I don’t know a lot about dance shows, but I doubt that any other show puts this much effort into making each dance a FULL ON performance. Take a gander at some of the really memorable performances (naturally including the ones I have already mentioned).

Ashley and Chris in a sexy Jailhouse Jazz:

Sacha and Alexander in a contemporary dance:

Missy and Wadi dance to Lady Gaga’s Judas:

Here is Robert and Miranda in a Nappy Tabs woodpecker routine:

Ryan and Ricky as Fashion Zombies:

Four HipHop guys:

Awesome Guest performance by LMFAO – Party Rockers:

10.  Last but not least, Travis Wall! He used to be a contestant and now he is a coreographer for the show, this is an Emmy nominated routine and dancing it are my favorite couple by far, Melanie and Marko:

That’s all folks!