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I actually did it. Yes. I made an E speech. Naturally its no where near how good the V speech is, but I did it all by my lonesome.

Tell me what you think. 😛

What may seem to be my egotistical nature is but an emission of my eclectic energy expelled effortlessly. Evidently, it has everything to do with equations. Elocution and elegance are not enemies of effervescence instead they engulf each other eternally. If you were to examine this extravagant elaboration you would be enthralled by the evocation of evolved English, but in the end this epic tale is but a euphemism of my real endeavor. My enchantment with the approaching eulogy of the human race is nothing near ephemeral because we are eternally and inevitably lost in a case of self entrapment.
In conclusion, I’m initiating a revolution against this oxymoronic human evolution that is slowly emaciating the earth of its essence and inhabitants.
Evidently, you may call me E.
You see, a dose of E every now and then is euphorically eye-opening and what’s more is that its drug free ecstasy.
That’s why E gets her own apostrophE s at E’s !