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The famous V speech defined! I loved this speech so I took it upon myself to define each word. Take a gander and impress someone with a new V word the  next time you have a conversation. From the movie V for Vendetta, great movie!

“Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian1 veteran2, cast vicariously3 as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes4 of fate. This visage5, no mere veneer6 of vanity, is a vestige7 of the vox populi8, now vacant9 and vanished10. However, this valorous11 visitation12 of a bygone vexation13 stands vivified14, and has vowed to vanquish15 these venal16 and virulent17 vermin18 vanguarding19 vice20 and vouchsafing21 the violently vicious and voracious22 violation23 of volition24! The only verdict25 is vengeance; a vendetta26 held as a votive27, not in vain28, for the value and veracity29 of such shall one day vindicate30 the vigilant31 and the virtuous. Verily32, this vichyssoise33 of verbiage34 veers35 most verbose36, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.”


I used to be a humble actor from vaudeville, but a twist of fate has made me a victim and  villain. This mask that I wear is not to hide my face but it is a trace of the public opinion that is now ceasing to exist. However, what may seem to be a good deed is merely a result of my frustration and my vow to kill those corrupt infectious worms that are driven by immoral behavior and my want to give them a taste of their condescending so called human rights that they gave me. The only thing I can do is avenge my family by killing the ones that killed them, I made a vow, and it is not for nothing because this will one day prove who is really righteous. Of course I have used an excessive of words and expressions, so let me simply add that it’s a pleasure to meet you and you can call me V.

  1.  Vaudevillian: a performer who works in vaudeville
  2.  Veteran: A person who has had long experience in a particular field, esp. military service: “a veteran of two world wars”
  3.  Vicariously: indirectly, as, by, or through a substitute; “she enjoyed the wedding vicariously”.
  4. Vicissitudes:  A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.
  5.  Visage: A person’s facial expression or face.
  6.  Veneer:  A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material.
  7.  Vestige: A trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.
  8.  Vox Populi: The opinions or beliefs of the majority.
  9.  Vacant: Not filled
  10.  Vanished:  Gradually cease to exist
  11.  Valorous: valiant: having or showing valor; “a valiant attempt to prevent the hijack”; “a valiant soldier”.
  12.  Visitation: An official or formal visit, in particular.
  13.  Vexation: The state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.
  14. Vivified: Enliven or animate
  15. Vanquish:  Defeat thoroughly
  16.  Venal: Showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery
  17. Virulent : Extremely severe or harmful in its effects
  18. Vermin : Parasitic worms or insects
  19.  Vanguarding: The foremost division or the front part of an army
  20.  Vice: Immoral or wicked behavior
  21.  Vouchsafing:  Give or grant (something) to (someone) in a gracious or condescending manner.
  22.  Voracious: Wanting or devouring great quantities of food
  23.  Violation: Fail to respect  (someone’s peace, privacy, or rights)
  24.  Volition: The faculty or power of using one’s will.
  25.  Verdict: A decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case or an inquest.
  26.  Vendetta:  A blood feud in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer’s family.
  27. Votive: Offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow
  28. Vain:
  •  Having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.
  •  Producing no result; useless
  1. Veracity: Conformity to facts
  2. Vindicate:  Show or prove to be right, reasonable, or justified
  3.  Vigilant: Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties
  4.  Verily: Truly; certainly
  5.  Vichyssoise:  A soup made with potatoes, leeks, and cream and typically served chilled.
  6.  Verbiage: Speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions
  7.  Veer:  Slacken or let out (a rope or cable) in a controlled way.
  8.  Verbose: Using or expressed in more words than are needed.


I wonder if I could do the same with Es 😛 any suggestions?