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I always thought that as Arabs, we are very underestimated and misunderstood. According to one of the comedian on the Axis of Evil comedy tour, you never see an Arab on Television just baking a cookie, it’s always the crazy terrorist Arabs you see.

There have been many initiatives to better the name of Arabs, and show the world what we are really about.


Taken from their Facebook page:

“TAKREEM was created to be a source of inspiration for Arabs throughout the world. Through the TAKREEM Arab Achievement Awards, we seek to identify and promote Arab accomplishments, by highlighting Arab excellence and leadership worldwide.


The TAKREEM initiative aims to communicate Arab expertise. The TAKREEM Arab Achievement Awards is committed to becoming an annual landmark in celebration of outstanding Arabs, and in so doing TAKREEM contributes in creating a brighter perception of Arabs everywhere to inspire present and future generations.

Arab achievers have excelled, as individuals or organization in almost every country in the world. TAKREEM aspires to honor these achievers, acting as a platform for these outstanding men and women with success stories to tell. Our mission is to recognize key Arab achievers by celebrating their milestones and through them portraying how well established, strongly rooted, and united the Arab world is.”

Check out their Website (takreemawards.com)

What I really like about Takreem is that it is like they are saying to the rest of the world “IN YO FACE”!

…but that’s just me talking. Their message is in fact “make 350 million Arabs proud”.


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