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I am one of those people who have been on a diet for as long as I can remember. Moreover many diets I have tried were unsuccessful and some were even harmful. The logical way to lose weight is decrease the number of calories you take in. My major problem was not the quality of my food, but the quantity. In this post I have included a sheet that I created.

Here is a logical and easy to remember way of losing one kilo per week, minimum.

Food Diary —> This sheet is a weekly food diary that will help you keep track of what you are eating. It will make sure you get food and nutrients from all food groups, but it will also organize your eating habits.

This would work best for short to medium sized girls, it is a 1,100 calorie diet.

Of course the more exercise you include, the more weight you lose. My doctor says that for the exercise to count it has to be an hour.

It is important to drink 2 cups of water 4 times a day, and include one hour of exercise.

Portions should not exceed:

Vegetables: Unlimited

Protein (Meat): the size of your palm excluding your fingers

Eggs: one egg (Can eat only twice a week)

Cheese: Half the palm excluding fingers.

Milk: The size that fits between thumb and index finger

Rice, grains: The size of your closed fist

Arabic bread: a quarter of one side.

Square bread: one square

French bread: the size of palm including fingers.

Pastries (including mankoushe): Palm without fingers.

Fruits: size of closed fist

Oil: 1 teaspoon


Good Luck and let me know if it helps.