Allow me to explain something to you misguided souls. There is a reason our government spent money on making those lights. Traffic lights are there to make it easier on drivers to know when to pass and when not to pass, to minimize the possibility of killing one’s self or others.

Let me make this easy for you to understand, pedestrians.

Let’s say I am in my car, and I have a green light. I am thinking that in a couple seconds the light is going to turn red and I will miss my chance. Therefore I am driving fast. If you, pedestrian, cross when that little red man is staring you in the face, not only do you make me stop and wait for your impatient ass to pass on MY GREEN LIGHT TIME, but you also risk getting your ass ran over by someone unwilling to stop. The little men under the street lights, you know the ones aimed at the direction of pedestrians, yea those are meant to tell you when to cross and when not to cross.

MOPEDS you are no better than those pedestrians. I understand that you are smaller and more agile than cars, and that gives you certain privileges like the ability to drive through cars in traffic. However, when your light is red, that means there are vehicles zooming past of all sizes, those vehicles have a green light, and just because you are immune from traffic, it does not mean that you will not get run over. Moreover, just because you’re vulnerable, and if  a car hits you, the car will be blamed, it does not give you a license to drive like a blind moron.

Come on Lebanese! We are trying hard to get promoted from third world country. As long as people ignore the traffic lights, we are no where near getting there.