Today was the third demonstration against the sectarian system. Click here for an article that sums things up nicely in my opinion.

What put a smile on my face today was that every time I bumped into someone or stepped on someone or tripped over someone, people were genuinely nice about it. I was surprised because this is not a common behavior in crowd situations in Lebanon. Everybody down there today was there for the same reason. That reason is that they don’t want their children to grow up with the narrow minded sectarian thinking goggles that most Lebanese wear today. TAKE THEM OFF!

I’m not going to talk politics, because I know nothing about that, and I refuse to know.

Instead I want to talk about the people that say: “What is going to take the place of the sectarian system,” or “a non sectarian system in Lebanon won’t work.” The only reason a system based on merit rather religion will not succeed is because people still think like that. The news says 20,000, during the march they said 40,000, and an expert said 30,000, all I know is, there were thousands on the streets today saying “WE WANT A CHANGE” !

People are so afraid to overthrow their government, because they feel that this sectarian system protects them as a sect, and without it one sect would over rule the other, but what they fail to realize is that the people from their sect claiming to be protecting them from “being eaten by the others” are taking a joy ride on their backs, using and exploiting them, making their lives hell.

I am so proud of my country and so proud of everyone down there today!

I only hope that next time, anyone supporting this cause will be down there.

It’s not enough to believe in change, or complain about the way things are. LET US DO SOMETHING.

Our fellow Arab countries have proven to us that change is possible! Let us rise up next to them in the name of democracy!


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