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I’m starting a new genre of poetry called E-sarcasm.

I was never too good at poetry but I do believe this is one of my better poems 😛

Run over the Deer but stop for the Horse

Petrarchian beauty may not be mythology

It does however sicken me

As does the abundance of hart (meaning male deer, not heart)

In the pieces Wyatt calls art.


Women are not all blonde and pearly white,

Nor are we all submissively meek,

the idea of wallowing men just doesn’t seem right,

enough with the love sick and the weak!


I have yet to meet the charming the stallion,

whose bosom swells with cultivated pride,

I have yet to meet the champion

Who can keep up with my ambitious stride


The one that would non-chalantly slay the dragon,

to make his own dreams come true,

That’s a man that merits attention

A man that of his kind exist so few…


Please let me know what you think I mean, I want to see if I what I wanted to say got across,

again .. I know I suck at poetry 😛