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 Tomorrow is “Eid mar maroun” literally that means its the saint maroun’s birthday but in laymen terms it’s a day off. For the School kids it’s that lucky day they got to stay up past their bed-time. For college kids it’s a day off from worrying about their GPA. For young adults it’s a day off from fretting about finding a job, supporting a family, basically just ensuring a future. But for some… It’s just another day.
 Its 2 am, the school kids are tucked in, exhausted from staying up past the capacity of their tiny unsuspecting bodies. College kids are at a local pub cheer-ing to a saint they don’t believe in, drinking past the capacity of their supposedly mature bodies. The young adults are watching tv, with their arm around their significant other, inevitably fretting about the future. He…walks on.

His plastic bag of lucky finds as his only companion, he mozies along the deserted, broken up, uneven road. Having departured from nowhere, heading to destination any where, it’s no wonder he mozies.

He sees a large green container that most of us run past with our breath held and he stops. The first event of the night.

He rummages through everything we have thrown away, searching for anything worthy of accompanying him in his plastic bag. He looks for the bags with the white straps… The expensive ones. The wasteful rich people get those. He unravels a bag and gets a look on his face that only a small child on Christmas morning could imitate. He pulls out a prize, someone threw away an unopened container of Quaker oats. It’s dusty, not even expired. 
Some people accuse of me being too wordy. I admit, I tend to ramble, but in this case I must explain why this is something to think about. Someone spent 4,500 on a container of Quaker oats, left it on the shelf until they decided that they never really needed it. Another person roams the street at night, counting on the greed and negligence of people, for that 4,500 box of oats could be the only thing standing between him and his obituary.

It merits being lugged around on the rest of his journey. He takes his time, he’s got nothing to do and no where to go. He walks on content with his find and thankful for a source of food; completely unaware of that person in the window, five stories above, standing only a few feet away from her cozy bed, staring at him blindly, depressed about stagnating between a girl and a woman.

In a nutshell, maybe we should be more conciensouss about how we spend our money. And If you don’t want to be conciensouss at least throw out some bread and potatoes next time, oatmeal doesn’t taste very good without raisins and a microwave.