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The village square is the hub of the business district and social scene. The municipality (to the right in photo) looks over a recently renovated roundabout, featuring a towering fountain. The strip of road between the church and municipality is where many Lebanese celebrities have sung for Lebanese expatriates at the annual “Al Moghtaribeen” festival.

The old souk road, no longer a souk, but a central point in a traditional residential area, rows of old and renovated houses.

A father teaching his daughter the alphabet on the memorial statue of Dr. Khalil Saade, a revered educator of Shweiri generations.

The architecture around the old souk reflects how closely the masons paid attention to detail. The arch’s dually colored stones that have kept it standing tall to this day, despite the ruins around it. Notice the slight curve in the bottom of the building in the back, which was intended to maximize the use of narrow space.

Dhour el Shweir is known for its intricately designed arches. The Shweiris were famous masons specialized in design and construction of arches all over Lebanon. Their precision, character and beauty is what set them apart.