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So I often have people say to me “so your into the whole social media scene?” and when I proudly say that I am indeed into it, I have to endure a sarcastic and pretentious expression on this person while they scoff at how “useless” and “time wasting” it all is. Most of the time I feel like I just want to beat that person, but today I am going to let social media speak for itself.

This is a perfect example of what all those opposers are missing out on:

Two questions where asked… and the whole community is helping at the click of a button.

It it all started when I put this status on Facebook after I discovered I could no longer use Limewire.

Then I got all these responses and I learned so many new ways of getting what I want/need:

In the process I learned something I’ve always wanted to know.. how to use torrents:

As if that wasn’t cool enough, another question was asked on twitter and I happen to see it

The tweet I saw was:

So I replied:

and shared the conversation that had helped me out earlier

The final result:

Voila! And THAT is social media for you!

BOO YA! Not only do I rest assured.. i also REST MY CASE!