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Any Lebanese MUST know about Ras el Abed. It’s a special treat made by Ghandour that the  Lebanese generations have been enjoying since forever.

“Ras el Abed” means “Head of Slave”. We would often laugh about how racist the name is. Finally the name has been changed to “Tarboush Ghandour.” (Click here to see the article about it) I think that’s amazing, but I don’t know how well it will stick. I mean my grandfather who has been calling it head of slave since he was a very young boy will most probably not walk into a store and ask for “tarboush ghandour”. I like the new name, it’s more Arab and a lot less racist.

I mean just because it was brown and shaped like a head, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with, slave heads… tarboush is more relevant.

But…. will people start calling it that?