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There is a street way up in the mountains between the bushes, which no one, aside from the locals, really speaks about. The few citizens of Dhour Shweir that live alongside this picturesque stretch of destroyed concrete, refer to it as “The route of Antoun Saadeh”. Antoun Saadeh was a Syrian nationalist philosopher, writer and politician that founded the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP). He was born in what is now a research center on that same road. Many of the locals have studied his philosophies and still believe in them. Take a drive with one of them, sit back, and just listen to what they have to say about every rock and branch on the side of the road. “This narrow dent in the mountain is where, ‘Al Zaeem’ or ‘The leader’ (as they called him), hid his gun when the government was after him”; “This is the trail that leads to the tree house he built when he was on the run, and that is still standing today”; “this wall is the memorial that the SSNP built to commemorate him.”

The tour ends at the statue of Saadeh’s father, a scholar and teacher. The ‘trip-down-memory-lane’ is constantly visited by athletic tourists, nostalgic grandparents, daydreaming lovers, early rising hunters, and many more… The breathtaking view along with the history lesson is sure to offer any visitor relaxation, meditation and clarity. It might just be worth a visit.