Nowadays Twitter seems to be only thing anyone is talking about, the only problem is that most of the time we can’t understand what they are saying. Here are some pointers so that you can also join in on the Twitter hype.

Tweet: a status of 140 character or less, can include a link to a website or picture.
DM: Direct message; a private inbox message.
Followers: when you ‘follow’ someone, their tweets show up on your home page and vice versa.
RT: when you want to repeat someone’s tweet to your followers you re-tweet it.
Mention: when you want to make sure that a specific person will see your tweet you can add an ‘@’ to their username and it will apear in their ‘mentions’ page.
 Tweeps: anyone you interact with on twitter, be they followers or ‘followees’.
Hashtags (#): a way to tag keywords. All you have to do is put the hashtag before the word (#hashtags).
#FF (Follow Friday): on Fridays you can recommend tweeps to follow.
#ThTh (Theme Thursday): on Thursdays @maniachi (a techie group on Twitter) proposes a theme for the day. To participate change your profile picture to that of the theme and throughout the day tweet about it.
#MM (Music Monday): on Monday you can recommend cool songs to download.

Do’s and Dont’s
Don’t just change your profile picture for Theme Thursday
Do tweet about your choice throughout the day so that your tweeps can learn more about it.

Don’t Follow Friday the same people over and over again
Do recommend new and interesting people for your tweeps to follow

Don’t have conversations with your friends through tweets and mentions
Do send them a DM (direct message) or chat in a messenger service

Don’t just use text in your tweets
Do include a link or picture if possible

Don’t use hashtags just to get them to trend; for example #Saba7o and its derivatives…
Do use cool Arabic hashtags to start conversations and encourage information exchange

Don’t RT (retweet) everything you see immediately one after the other
Do edit or add something to tweets that will mean something to you, and then RT

Don’t automatically DM new followers to promote yourself
Do take an interest in that person; you never know what you might learn

This article was previously published in Hibr Lubnani.