Nokia, Apple, and other programmers have made it possible for practicing Muslims to carry Ramadan around in their pockets on their smartphones.

There is a set of applications online at Al-Khawarizmi.com called ‘Essentials of Ramadan’. The kit provides users, Muslim or non-Muslim, with an explanation of the spiritual and physical significance of fasting.

Many of the applications are similar, like Apple’s iPray and Nokia’s ‘Prayer Times’, which remind users when and how to pray. Other apps use the smartphone’s satellite positioning ability to ensure that Muslims are facing Mecca when they pray. iQuran acts like a handheld, portable Quran that worshipers can refer to anytime and anywhere.

Other applications, like Ramadan Booster Pro (available on Khawarizmi.com), not only provide motivational quotes and inspiration but also give ideas for daily good deeds to carry out throughout Ramadan.

Nokia’s Ovi Store offers a kit of their own, including some distinct applications like the ‘Zakah Calculator’ which calculates ‘zakah’ for different kinds and levels of income.

These applications don’t just stop at Ramadan. Some programmers are taking it upon themselves to help Muslims practice their faith more effectively.

This article was previously published in Hibr Newspaper.

It is safe to say that Islam has gone ‘techie’.