1. When you send someone an e-mail and before reading the e-mail they ask what it is…. I SENT IT FOR A REASON !!
2. when people repeat your answer to their question in question form.
X: what did you do today?
Me: Nothing
X: oh nothing?
Me: no i was kidding, YES, NOTHING THATS WHAT I SAID!
3. that it’s okay for your bra to show as long as its the same color as, or a color that matches with, your outfit. If it’s a standard bra, and you can see the straps then its a sin! Yea I’m wearing a bra, all women do, get over it!
4. the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Has anyone ever baked a cake to look at it? OF COURSE YOU CAN EAT IT! THAT’S WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A CAKE !
5. “Remove group whatever” groups on Facebook, ever heard of freedom of expression?
6. Stupid quiz-vites on Facebook. I really am too busy to care what vegetable my sex life is, or whatever. And don’t get me started on Farmville, poker, and mafia wars.. House wives, I know you guys are at home all day, but pay attention and don’t let these stupid games brainwash you into planning your life around them.
7. free downloads that aren’t really free. You can download it for free but you can’t use it, there will either be a limit or a watermark, until you pay for it. DON’T CALL IT A FREE DOWNLOAD IF ITS NOT FREE!
8. the way Mo3taz says أنوووو in “Bab El Hara” 😛
9. that stupid “Bil Hawa Sawa” show on MTV. It’s this pointless show in which they get a bunch of celebrities, put em on a table and them pull them up with a crane. I mean what if their fork falls? Moreover, whats the point?
10. people who poke