“I imagine you’re starting to feel a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole.” -Morpheus, The Matrix

I watched a movie called BUG once in a motel in Jordan on a family vacation. I couldn’t sleep so I turned on the television and the only station that was in English, was playing BUG and it seemed like it was a thriller…so I watched a thriller… for the last time. I thought it was really stupid… the ending was extremely disappointing because it looked like it was leading to a climax. See it was about this couple, very disturbed two individuals that ended up with each other by some sick twist of fate. The man was a drug-addicted psychopath that saw bugs everywhere. He would cut himself convinced that the bugs were inside him. He was also convinced that the bugs were part of a huge government conspiracy. The thing is that the woman seemed to be messed up and we thought that this man would help her, but then it switched and it turned out that he was the messed up one and he got her just as messed up. The movie ended in a very … lame way. I mean I don’t want to spoil it because you should watch this movie. I was disappointed for a while but I just found out what this movie is trying to portray. The message behind it is that two people who spend all their time together alone, without any outside interaction, tend to drive each other crazy, especially, with the help of drugs. If they are both on drugs, then they are both dependant human beings, on each other and on drugs. They are both wrong and they feel guilty, but they have each other, they justify each other. They slowly lose touch with the outside world and lose touch with reality. The ending is a bit dramatic but I think that this reflects something that happens in society, in a more dramatic way. Sometimes two people, be they best friends, or lovers, lose themselves in each other. We, as Lebanese people, really tend to drag each other further down the rabbit hole.

There’s a little wonderland in all of our heads, and we all have a little Alice in us urging us to go further in the hole, and when we find another Alice, we just race to the bottom of the pit. If we are not careful, we may never crawl out of it.