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Yesterday I attended the Geekfest in Berut. Yesterday was also my birthday. Gosh I’m geeky… Anyhow me and Karim Bekdache the one male student in #lausocial were representing our class in the Geekfest. It was a great experience and I think I have discovered an underlying love for public speaking… despite my obvious nervousness. @funkyOzZi has oh so eloquently summed up the geek fest in a great post on the maniachi blog, found here .

This class changed my life, really. As geeky as it sounds I feel like I found myself… amongst an extremely supportive online community. Anyhow for those who missed it, this was my presentation:

LAUsocial I will miss you! I only hope that we will all take these lemons that Ayman has given us and make lemonade. By lemons naturally I mean knowledge of online opportunities and services, and by “make lemonade” I mean indulge in the online community and help our country move forward towards freedom of expression and unbiased media, moreover speak up and let the world know what you have to say. I know I will!