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New media is a term that has recently been buzzing in my ears. I heard it for the first time in Lausocial from Ayman Itani and I have not stopped hearing it since. Ayman sent us off on a little project to find out what new media means to three different agr groups, and to add a twist to it, we had to use new media to accomplish this. So basically the project is a story of my struggle with using new media to tell people what three different age groups think of new media.

I looked up the term New media because, even though I knew what it was and I was using it, i didnt really know exactly how to define it. The best definition I have found is:

New media is a term meant to encompass the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century.

This is the first video of Rula Korban, An executive search consultant, represeting the middle aged group. There should have been a title slide and some credits at the end, but I had some technical difficulties and will be fixing them shortly.

(the video has been removed upon request)

So basically the process involved in accomplishing this, slightly raised my blood pressure.

First I downloaded Qik on my phone and began using it. What gave me trouble was finding out how to get the videos onto my mac. Something was missing, I dont know what yet. So I could not edit any of the videos as well as I would have liked.  In this video, I originally shot it with a beautiful background but it was too noisy, the only way I was able to get good sound and good light was to have a boring background. That was inconvenient. Rula Korban was a great interviewee. Her answers may not reflect the point of view of most arab middle aged women, but definately that of the edcated, working arab women.

The second video is of Maya Ayache. A sixteen year old passionate student. She was alot of fun to interview but I had the same problem with the background, light and noise. I would have liked to edit out a few things, but I kind of dont mind the feel of it. I feel sometimes it turned less into an interview but more like a conversation. I think it adds a little warmth since we are talking about issues most people are probably thinking about. I think that Maya was a great choice because she spoke about all the things she would like to accomplish as a student with a purpose and I loved how almost every solution to her problem involved new media. I also think she has a lot of credibilty because she sounds well rounded, cultured, educated and honest.

What I loved were the differences in their answers. Maya’s concerns really reflected the concers someone her age would have. Whereas Rula’s concerns were more aware, more on the side of super-ego/parent. The attire also made a big difference. Rula’s professionalism gave the intervirew sort of a formal feel but at the same time her asnwers were light hearted and humorous. Maya’s shrek ears, on the other hand, added a little fun to the feel, I also felt that more of her character showed on screen, it just made me smile to look at her.

There are not many similarities, perhaps maybe their posture. Which leads me to believe that I have come close to acheiving what I set out to do.

Qik was really easy to use when it came to recording and uploading the videos. I just hit record and then connect to the internet and it uploads automatically to qik.com/eleenakorban. This is all fine and dandy except.. how do I get them off it and on to my computer? I couldn’t which is why I couldnt not edit the movies. It is a work in progress however, expect a continuation post soon. I eventually figured out how to upload them immediately to YouTube.

Adding the subtitles was really easy. YouTube makes life really easy, I was able to add annotations from there as well. All I had to do was creat a .txt file with the words i wanted to subtitle and then with Google speach recognition, YouTube just figures out wher the subtitles are supposed to go.

My favorite part of this project was talking to the interviewees, and filming them. I really enjoyed the interview.

What I did not like was the confusion surrounding the uploading/downloading/editing/captioning of it. I could not figure out how to get them onto my computer and I was very frustrated and i wasted alot of time trying to figure it out.

In that sense I felt it would have been easier to just use a camera and plug it in the computer. But in terms of the internet and getting on the internet, it made life alot easier.

That was a challenge, and it’s not over yet. Stay tuned for the third video of Nial Soul and the edited versions of these two videos.