Have you heard of Chatroullete?

It was created in November 2009 by 17 year old Russion founder, Andrey Ternovskli. He created the site with a 10$ webcom and a fewl lines of code, he made it because he wanted to create something different from what currently exists on the internet and to make something that isn’t boring to entertain himself and his friends.
300 users in December had grown to 10,000 by the beginning of February. Although big media outlets had yet to cover it, smallish blogs were full of huzzahs. Early ChatRoulette users traded anecdotes on comment boards with the eerie intensity of shipwreck survivors, both excited and freaked out by what they’d seen.

I tried chatroulette the other day; I was at a coffee shop. To my disappointment the first few people nexted me immediately, maybe because I wasn’t naked or something. The first person who did not next me was a really nice guy who I now tweet with.

After the really nice guy I decided to see who else I would meet on chatroulette. Imagine my surprise when I see a half naked man asking me if I want to see him ejaculate, and then before  I could reach for the next button, in the midst of trying to cover my screen, he pulls it out and starts …. pleasuring himself. Finally I click the next button not to find a half naked man with a question, but a full blown male organ in perfect view. This time my pointer was ready on the next button. The next few people were also perverts. Eventually, I landed on the image of a Kent Blue pack.

So I said hey, and it turns out that this man is from the former USSR and is now in Lebanon. I was delighted until he began asking me where I am, where I live and other details. I nexted him. After some boobs and some more male organs, I got discouraged and just exited. I did NOT like chatroulette! I thought that it would have been a great way to meet people from all over the world but to my disappointment there are just too many perverts and I am not willing to sift through the anatomy of random strangers to find the few people who are really willing to chat.

I looked up a few other services similar to chatroulette and came across these two:

Blimko: a web based video chat service that supports audio, video and text.
RandomDorm: RandomDorm is purely recreational and social to allow college students to share party ideas, study techniques, practice their language skills with their international counterparts — and not see inappropriate content.

I also came across Facebook Social Chat Roulette (fbchatroulette.net), which is basically Chatroulette without the inappropriate content.

Personally I would prefer to use RandomDorm or Facebook Chatroulette because the inappropriate content is really too much to handle. I don’t like the idea anyway, it’s just too intruding.

Maybe it would be helpful for a research project where I want opinions from different people from all over the world.

Call me primitive, call me old fashioned, call me what you want, but I am just not ready for this kind of service.