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I have something I need to share

Its hard to keep it to myself

Its more than I can bear

Its angry and full of stealth

Quite honestly I don’t mind letting it out

I want to say it, I want to shout

This feeling within me, this anger

It tries to escape my shelter

I shelter it because you scare me

Even my hormones are confused

Do they fight you or do they flee?

My mind tells me that I do not need to be excused

My heart, my emotions, my compassion preach differently

You have this devastating effect on me

You make me feel guilty

Your priorities are distorted

And your knowledge is without

It’s “innocent until proven guilty”

You hypocritical twat

There is day in the far future

A day I’m looking forward to

This day is your awakening

It’s when you will finally understand

That you are actually the creature

That no one else can relate to

The ones who feel me are few

These statistics are a bit askew

The majority is supposed to be the wiser

Sadly most people wear a visor

My country people, my fellow tragic heroes,

I reach out to you

Here are my words, they are the only thing I have to offer

The only gold I have to barter with

I urge you to look beyond yourself

Look across the shattered bridges, the bloody waters, and crying mountains

Open your eyes and see a world of wonder

See what I see

A world of individually different, unique people

With individually unique thoughts and ideas

If knowledge is power,

I do believe it is …

And if what every one seeks is power,

I do believe it is….

Then why does no one seek knowledge?

Is it just a basic human instinct to hate? To lie? To judge?


But what differentiates you from me

Is my ability to see

My ability to understand

And my eagerness to learn

When you think you have met someone from every walk of life,

Think twice

When you think you have it all figured out,

Think again

When you think that you are right and everyone else is wrong

Think more

But more importantly when you think that you, lowly, pathetic, ignorant you have the right to judge me…

Then maybe you’re not thinking at all