For a second project I will be filming three different people, representing three different age groups to find out what new media means to them. The three people I am going to speak to are:

1. Rula Korban, Let’s just say she is middle aged.

She is a partner in Amrop International, she is also my mother. I chose her because she is very smart and very “technologically aware” compared to most women her age. She knows about new media and social media through me, but she does not use it, she would be able to represent the middle aged parents.


a. Have you heard of the term “new media” ? In your opinion what do you think falls under the category of new media?

b. Do you use any of the new social media? Why or Why not?

c. What are some reservations you have against new media that stops you from becoming involved?

d. As an Arab and a woman, do you think that new media can be a helpful   tool for you?

e. As a working woman and an executive search consultant, don’t you think that new media, like twitter, can help you become more connected?Why or Why not?

2. Nia Soul, 24 years of age.

Nia is a blogger that goes by the name of Nia Soul. Her blog is http://beirutbeauty.blogspot.com. She is an LAU student.

I chose her because she is a very successful blogger and she can give me the point of view of those adults and young adults who do use new media.


a. What made you decide to start a blog? What do you blog about?

b. You use new media, like twitter, correct? Why? Does it help you with your blog?

c. What role do you feel the new media plays in our culture and society?

d.  Do you feel that you are a step ahead of other university students? How do you feel about the fact that most Lebanese university students are not only neglecting new media, but are unaware of it?

e.  How has new media affected your life academically and socially?

3. Maya Ayache, 16 years of age.

Maya is a student in International College. She is a vibrant, outspoken, young passionate activist. She is interested in environmental awareness and has also published a few of her homemade videos on YouTube. I chose her because it would be interesting to see how young adolescents like her can make use of new media.


a. What do you do online? What accounts do you have?

b. What causes are you involved in? Are you aware of the possibilities and opportunities that new media can provide for you with regards to your causes? If so, do you use it? If not, why not?

c. Of your classmates and school mates what percentage would you say uses new media? Why do you think that is the case?

d. What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you think you would use new media to accomplish this?

e. Do you think that there should be an obligatory class in schools or universities that teaches students how to take advantage of new media? Why?

Note: I did not purposely choose three females for this project, it just so happened that the PEOPLE who had the characteristics I was looking for, were women. NO SEXISM INTENDED.