I covered session 10A of the Arab Pop Culture Conference today at 2:00 p.m.

I covered session 10A of the Arab Pop Culture Conference Friday 23 at 2:00 p.m.

The Moderator was Elise Salem and the topic were:

Features of Online love stories in the Gulf


Relationship Between Satellite TV and the Phone in Egypt


Pride vs. Prejudice-LGBT Cyber-networks and the Challenge of Gender Based Violence in the Middle East


Many speakers were not able to come because of the debris emitted from the volcano. Luisa Gandolfo could not make it to the conference.

It was really funny because the moderator didn’t even know if she was coming or not.

I was really disappointed with the session. The speakers all read from prepared text, they presented while seated amongst the audience. It looked very unorganized and no one seemed happy to be there.

I was really bored while covering it live, I found it very hard to stay focused on what they where saying. Hamam’s thoughts were extremely difficult to follow.

I was seriously considering just leaving in the middle of it, but I am so glad I stayed till the end because I was able to witness major BEEF between Ramez Maalouf, the chairman of Communication Arts at LAU, and the speaker Iman Hamam.

Maalouf got extremely mad when she appeared to be derisive towards the audience members who were asking questions. He was trying to ask her a question that she couldn’t really answer, and that’s when he lost it. He told her he did not appreciate her attitude towards the questions and told her that she is disrespectful.

Apparently Maalouf is responsible for putting together the Conference and bringing over the speakers. That’s probably why he felt the need to comment on her sarcasm.

I don’t think he should have gotten so mad honestly, because Hamam may have come across as being sarcastic, but I honestly think she genuinely did not mean to disrespect or offend anyone.

She did apologize when he told her she was being disrespectful.

Oh well, the fight made attending the session worth it.

I think the online live coverage approach is really helpful. It is a great tool to be able to live blog and send pictures and videos. This way people who can’t be there will not feel like they are missing anything.

We did not get much user engagement for my session. I don’t know if maybe its because I could have advertised it more before hand, or maybe because its not something that interests the users that were online at the time. I got one retweet about the conference and noticed a few retweets of the #lausocial students covering the event with me, but that’s about it.

I think that I managed a few good coverage posts. In terms of text, I was able to cover it pretty smoothly. Next time I would change the fact that I could not post pictures and videos live.

Sadly, I could not use my iPhone to send pictures and videos live; I had many technical difficulties. Otherwise known as, my phone broke again. I am so blessed with a teacher like Ayman who lent me his old 2G iPhone. I found out last night, that there are NO GPRS SETTINGS FOR THE IPHONE 2G from mtctouch. Infuriating!!!

I did take my camera however and took a few shots

Moderator: Elise Salem

A few people getting ready

This is Speaker 1: Nele Lenze

This is speaker 2: Iman Hamam

This is really bored guy during the presentation

This is Maalouf yelling at Hamam:

Here are screenshots of the live coverage done by #lausocial, for those of you who missed it live. You can also find it on the continuing live blog here.

You can also search the hashtag #lausocial on twitter and see the tweets about the conference. To make life easier, here are screen shots of the tweets about and during the conference.

I also have a video – a short pan of the room – but it took me 3 hours to upload the pictures and I cannot reach very good internet at the moment. Once I do I will be sure to publish the video. STay tuned. My new and improved video coming up next. 😛