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During a discussion about why they (Arabs) call a father abou-ali for example when ali is the second child and , Alia, for example, is the eldest child! Why? Why the double standards?anyway, sorry, I drifted off topic, so during that discussion my friend (fashion blogger:) Lama said: “I don’t want to be called emm anything! I have a name, u can call me that!”
That got me thinking. Did you ever notice how significant this naming system is? Let’s take an imaginary girl called Lina, lina is the eldest, she has a younger brother called saad. Her mom and dad are referred to as emm-saad and abou-saad. Always the boy’s name, not the birst born! So anyway, Lina grows up her whole life, as Lina, they called her Lina her name was Lina! Then she got married, and had a baby boy, she called him Gabriel. She then ceases to exist as Lina, in all meanings possible,and carries on as emm-gaby!
What’s interesting is that this system is so justified! I’ve recently come to realize that once a human being gives birth to another, their life and eveything that used to matter to them, become nothing in front of a human life. A person’s individual life ends with the birth of a baby. My parents don’t do anything if it doesn’t concern the life of me or my brother. Their lives, their work, their degrees, their salaries, it’s all for me and Chris. So basically lina’s entire life was only a preparation phase untill she can assume her fate as emm-Gabriel! That’s why we are alive! The only thing we are supposed to do as humans is procreate! Yeesh! That’s a load off! Right?
So it makes sense to be identified by the name of your child, because it’s a true representation of what your life revolves around!