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User Guide to Importing Pictures and Videos from you’re Iphone to your Mac

Moving photos from iPhone to Mac

Plug you’re iphone in to your Mac using the USB cable

At that point you’re trusty iPhoto should start up, and give you a screen like such:

Write the name of the event in the provided area:

You can select the photos you want to import by clicking on the photos while holding down the command key, or you can import all the photos. Then simply click Import All or Selected based on what you want to do:

Then you should be looking at a screen like this:

If you want to keep the photos on your iPhone click “Keep photos”. “Delete Photos” will remove them from your iphone.

Now your photos are saved under the name you chose:

  1. You can also access your photos from your finder by:
    1. Opening your computer (shift+command+C)
    2. Select Macintosh HD
    3. Users
    4. Your profile
    5. Pictures
    6. Then iPhoto library
    7. If you want to insert your photos you can access them from a tab called Media:

How to import Videos to your Mac:

A good program to use for recording videos is Cycorder (you can download it from Cydia, click here if you don’t have Cydia on your iphone, if you don’t know how to use Cydia, click here)

You will need to download a few more applications to your iPhone in order to move your videos to your computer.

You will need to download OpenSSH and BossPrefs from Cydia, click here for a tutorial.

Once you have downloaded the Apps and connected to your phone through Fetch you will be able to reach your videos in .MOV format. Then you can drag or copy/paste to your desktop. (If you do not have Fetch built in you can download it from here.)

For more information you can always ask on the Mac forum. Click here to access it.