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Last week we had a very special visitor come to lausocial. Ayman kindly stepped aside as @_Ant1_ in the flesh gave the class. He came to show us all how to take advantage of our phones. I could not blog sooner since I was very far away from this thing called civilization for the most of the vacation.

Any how, Antoine Naaman is the editor of the T3 magazine in the middle east; he has always loved gadgets (if you were wondering). I had already had the pleasure of being exposed to Antoine before on twitter, and in all honesty, his avatar scared me. He is a lot younger and a lot less mean than his avatar makes him seem, so tweeters, don’t be fooled, behind that avatar is a sweet, funny, young -looking man. So he walks in, puts about seven or eight different phones on the table in front of him and then began his presentation – he loves gadgets.

What I loved about Antoine’s visit is that while I was tweeting a few things about it, the twitter community was following what was happening in lausocial and they were interacting with Antoine and the class. I find it so endearing how almost everybody in the twitter community supports and follows up on one another. It is motivating to get involved.

I think he will be happy to know that now I will no longer scoff at the images of the women on the cover of the T3 magazine but I’ll actually pick it up when I see it lying around the house (my brother and father are big fans) and I just might take a cursory look at it.

Which reminds me, here is a question for you Antoine, why must there be a naked lady or almost naked, or a woman whose so good-looking she doesn’t even need to be naked, on the cover, to attract the attention of men? I think there are other ways to grab attention.  But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway I was thrilled with Antoine’s visit because I am a future Journalist and here is an editor standing in front of me giving me advice. However I was slightly disappointed since I already had GPRS on my phone and I already had tweetdeck on my phone as well. I was hoping to learn a few neat tips and tricks. Sadly, I missed the second session he gave but I followed it on twitter.

I did gain a lot of interesting information though. One thing that I found very entertaining is that phones that are not “smart” are called dumb. Haha!

Another amazing fact I learned is that the iPhone is the best phone in the world for Internet browsing. Before Antoine’s visit I hated my iPhone, but now, I see it in a whole new light. Thanks Antoine!

I think that the class, mostly people with dumb phones (haha) benefited greatly from Antoine’s visit and probably would not have been able to tweet from their phones other wise. For the BB and iPhone owners, we were lucky enough to sit in on some very entertaining classes.

I feel very lucky that the editor of the T3 magazine himself, moreover, @_Ant1_ himself, came to my class… My Class! It is safe to say that  even my entire of group of offline friends knew about his visit.