On Thursday March 18, Maya Zankoul, Lebanese Comics writer, illustrator, and blogger paid a visit to our LAU Social class.

She first began with a short introduction about herself while passing around her hilarious book. Maya is an adorable, tiny and smiley person. She was extremely helpful in answering all of our questions. Apparently becoming active online was easy for Maya and it turned out to be something she loves. Maya also claims that with the new online methods we all become Journalists, in response to my question about her being a photographer.

Our class was the first to see her new comic strip about a new miracle invention at Lebanese banks. We were also the very first class to see her upload it to her blog live. We also received exclusive advice on how to become known and active online, as well as how to promote and monitor our blogs using different websites like Woopra.

All of us huff and puff about how we suffer as Lebanese. I think we can all take a page out of Maya’s book and do or say something about it. Her book, a delightful collection of witty comics commenting on the lamentable social issues we face as lebanese. Maya made herself heard and is already beginning to see results, like with the exotica add.

Meeting Maya was not only a pleasure but an inspiration to speak up, and to make sure that we are heard.