I am very excited about our next guest speaker, Maya Zankoul.

In reading about her I came across several questions I would like to ask her. Her answers will be posted in another post.

1. How do you so seemingly “effortlessly” manage to attend to all the details of the new social media?

2. What made you decide to go online with your work, rather than the more traditional methods?

3. How has being online helped progress your carreer?

4. Do you make profit from all your online activities?

5. What did it take for you to make our beloved teacher Ayman Itani his very own specialized cartoon?

6. Now that I have more experience on twitter, and now that I know how addictive and distracting it can be, how do you manage to get other things done on the internet, and still remain so active on twitter ?

7. I noticed on the plus961.com page that you took the pictures of the exotica ad, is photography another passion of yours?