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In my broadcast journalism class we have been learning about broadcast journalism, naturally.  What this is entails is being in front of the camera as well as behind it, we also learned about interviews. In my other class, Arab and International Media, we were learning about talk shows in the Arab world. I personally never paid attention to American talk shows let alone Arabic talk shows. Tonight, however, was a different night. I came home early and sat down with my parents for once, instead of getting busy in my room to avoid the Arabic streaming out of the television. In doing so I ended up hearing something that made me think, a little. So apparently on this show called “Al Haq Yuqal” Maggie Farah, TV Host, hosts political figures to discuss issues that concern the people. Today Samir al Jisr – Minister, or ex-minister was invited to the show along with Nimatalllah Abi Naser – Member of Parliament. Has anyone noticed how Maggie Farah says “Na3m” every few seconds. From what I learned that is a major deal breaker. What’s up with that? Other than that observation I feel the need to admit that my parents were right- as hard as it is for me to say this- and as lame as I think the show is- it actually might pay off to listen to things that don’t necessarily interest you persay because you might learn something new and moreover, thats at least on more person you can have a conversation with. One more topic you know about and can debate out. so I guess what I’m trying to say  is- and it’s not that you should listen to your parents, please don’t misunderstand me – it is actually that TV really is good for you.