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Last week Anissa Helou, an authority on “cookery books” as she refers to them and food writer paid a visit to our Topics in Current Affairs class to talk to us about starting and enhancing our careers online.

Her visit was extremely helpful because I had some worries of my own about becoming active online. Miss Helou has a facebook account, a twitter account, a blog, a website, she has also published a number of cook books and visits many different countries and writes about their food.

Miss Helou assured me by saying that, when disciplined, she spends a mere two hours online, and that is enough time to update and remain active online. I have always been meaning to become active online however I never have the discipline to actually update everything routinely, but Miss Helou made it seem less like a tedious task and more like socializing to enhance your career.

My one disappointment was when I asked about how her nationality contributes to her carreer, she said that sometimes they ask her not to mention that she is Arab.

My personal goal is to become as active and known as possible in order to scream at the top of my lunges on the highest peak of the earth that I AM AN ARAB. I believe that anybody with the ability to tell the world that we are not terrorists and that specifically Lebanon is an amazing country, should.